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Please consider donating to Green Fire Productions to support outreach and education around LORDS OF NATURE. We are currently raising funds to pay for costs associated with our upcoming PBS broadcasts later this year. All contributions are fully tax-deductible.

Green Fire Productions, the producer of LORDS OF NATURE, is a nonprofit independent media organization. For 20 years our award-winning films have been informing and inspiring audiences – and influencing the opinions and actions of resource managers and decision makers.


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Mail to: Green Fire Productions. P.O. Box 369, La Grande, OR 97850.

Questions: Email us <films at greenfireproductions dot org> or call 541-963-2495.


Filmmakers interview Yellowstone wolf biologist, Doug Smith. One of the most dramatic things scientists think wolves are affecting is the return of willows like this, which are a food source for animals like beavers and habitat for songbirds.



The Green Fire Behind the Filmmakers
Twenty-two years ago filmmakers Karen Anspacher-Meyer and Ralf Meyer began their quest, of engaging and motivating audiences on the day’s most pressing conservation issues. Read more...

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