It’s National Wolf Awareness Week!

This week is the time to bring some much-needed attention to wolves and their importance to our ecosystem.  It’s Wolf Awareness Week 2011, and you can use this event to tell everyone you know about the important role wolves play in the environment. 

In the past, wolves have been given a bad reputation, as people have feared and misunderstood them.  They were exterminated, and they were driven from nearly all of their historic range by the early 1900’s.

In 1996, Wolf Awareness Week became a national event, with governors from 26 states proclaiming the third week of October as the official time to celebrate wolves.  The goals of Wolf Awareness Week are to dispel misconceptions about wolves while creating a consciousness about the important role wolves and other predators play in maintaining a healthy ecosystem.

What are you doing to celebrate Wolf Awareness Week?  To find events to attend and actions to take, check out the links below:

Wolf Haven International

Defenders of Wildlife

And, here is a web calendar we created to help you plan your week:  Lobo Events

Photo Credit:  USFWFS Pacific:

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