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Our partners and supporters are working hard to fight anti-wolf sentiment, and to protect wolves and other predators in the United States. Join us by becoming an advocate for healthy ecosystems and biodiversity.

Host a Home Screening of Lords of Nature. You can be a champion for conservation!
Help protect wolves and other top predators by hosting a home screening of Lords of Nature: Life in a Land of Great Predators. Download the Home Screening Kit, order the DVD & Discussion Guide.

In 3 simple steps, you can organize your own Lords of Nature Evening of Action:
1. Download a Home Screening Kit and work with the Green Fire Productions staff to plan an event and action.

Download our Southwest Home Screening Kit
There are only about 50 Mexican wolves left in the wild--we need your help to bring these lobos back from the brink of extinction!

Download our Washington State Home Screening Kit
Many of Washington's wolves are no longer protected under the Endangered Species Act, and the state is currently finalizing their Wolf Mangement Plan. Make your voice heard, they need our support now more than ever!

2. Invite family, friends, co-workers, and neighbors to your home for a screening of the film.
3. After the film, lead your guests to take action to protect the great predators.

Want to do More? Host a Community Screening
With our step-by-step Screening Guide, it's easy to do. The guide contains posters, a press release, and tips for a successful event.

Email us <films at greenfireproductions dot org> to receive the Screening Guide. It contains all you will need to organize an event in your community. If you'd like, we can connect you wtih organizations where you live to help with the event.

Action Alerts from around North America

Arizona (PDF)

Alberta - See the Canadian Wolf Coalition's Action Alert and letter challenging Big Lakes Alberta wolf bounty program. (PDF)

British Columbia (PDF)

Maine (PDF)

Northern Rockies (PDF)

New Mexico (PDF)

Oregon - The State of Oregon's Wolf Conservation and Management Plan was approved on October 1.

Speak out now. Washington is finalizing their Wolf Management Plan. More information about Washington's wolves.

COALITIONS is a collaborative effort of local, regional, and national conservation, scientific and sportsmen’s organizations, and concerned citizens using the Internet to help save the endangered Mexican gray wolf. Their shared vision is a future in which healthy, viable populations of Mexican gray wolves restore the natural balance to Southwest lands, keep elk and deer herds healthy and restore the natural functioning of entire ecosystems. Check out the Lobo Activist Kit from Lobos of the Southwest.

Western Wolf Coalition
works with biologists, hunters, ranchers, tribal leaders and other citizens to inform the public about wolf behavior and patterns, and reduce wolf-related conflicts. Their goal? To ensure a healthy, sustainable population of wolves managed responsibly by the states in the same way other game species have been managed for decades.


Wolves at a Crossroads: 2011 from Living with Wolves - Updated March 8, 2011

Livestock and Wolves: A Guide to Non-lethal Tools and Methods to Reduce Conflict (PDF) Defenders of Wildlife.  A comprehensive guide that outlines a wide range of nonlethal methods that are working to reduce livestock losses to wolves. Based on nearly 10 years of working in-the-field with livestock producers and agency officials.

Learn more here about Parasitic Tapeworm (Echinococcus granulosus) in this informative document produced by the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife.

Elk Hunting in Wolf Country: The Facts (PDF) A two-page document including statistics provided by Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming state wildlife agencies on elk populations in wolf country.

The Truth about Livestock and Wolves (PDF) A one-page document from including updated statistics from U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

Cougar information from the State of Utah, Natural Resources Division of Wildlife Resources and a doorhanger from Sierra Club-Arizona.


On November 23, 2010, the prestigious Society for Conservation Biology contacted Secretary Salazar calling for his leadership in reviving the program to restore and recover the Mexican wolf. The letter calls on the Secretary’s office and his team at the Fish and Wildlife Service to identify how the Society for Conservation Biology can help restore this major missing piece of the American southwest. Read the letter here.

Check it out: Actor and wolf advocate Alan Arkin narrates a WildEarth Guardians' photo essay on restoring wolves to the wild (3.5 minute video).







Filmmakers interview Yellowstone wolf biologist, Doug Smith. One of the most dramatic things scientists think wolves are affecting is the return of willows like this, which are a food source for animals like beavers and habitat for songbirds.



The Green Fire Behind the Filmmakers
Twenty-two years ago filmmakers Karen Anspacher-Meyer and Ralf Meyer began their quest, of engaging and motivating audiences on the day’s most pressing conservation issues. Read more...

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